Product Code: Toshiba 2TB HDD 2.5'' Portable External Hard Drive-DD001
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Toshiba 4TB/2TB/1TB/500GB/320GB/250GB HDD 2.5'' Portable External Hard Drive Hard Disk HD Externo USB3.0 External Disk Harddisk 


Hard Drive Type:2.5" HDD

USB Interface:USB 3.0


Disk Rotational Speed:5400rpm

Warranty:3 Years 


Support system: 

For MAC OS 10.6.2,Linux,Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10,Andriod(smart TV) 


Package includes:

1* USB 3.0  External Hard Drives 120GB/160GB/250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB

1* USB 3.0  Cable


About capacity:

Hard disk/flash memory vendors are using decimal arithmetic: 1MB=1000KB, 1G=1000MB calculated, but the operating system is using binary arithmetic: 1MB=1024KB, 1GB=1024MB. So there are some differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of hard disk/flash memory products. However, this is allowed to exist. Please do not doubt his authenticity.

80GB=about 74GB, 120GB=about 111GB, 160GB=about 149GB, 250GB=about 232GB, 

320GB=about 298GB, 500GB=about 465GB, 1TB=about 930GB,1.5TB=about 1395GB, 2TB=about 1862GB

 Small size: light and easy to carry; works with USB3.0 and USB2.0

 Frosted testure: anti-slip and anti-fingerprint. Work with windows and MAC.

 Stable and durable: 3 years warranty.